Work Done at Ghost
Joy Hammons is a successful corporate leadership consultant in Oklahoma City. As she started her consultancy, she partnered closely with us to ensure that everything from her name to her paper stock felt at home in a corporate boardroom.
My Contributions
Strategy, Identity, Art Direction, Naming
Apr 2014 - Mar 2015
Joy mentioned multiple times during my investigation that she does not create "success." She empowers leaders with the tools that THEY need to create their own "success." To me, the most direct analogy was a foreword in a book; successful authors set up other authors to tell a good story, but ultimately their story is in their own hands. The name "Foreword" also acts as a homophone for "forward," which proposes an offering of positive growth for corporations. For the mark, I turned a bookmark on its side to create a forward-facing arrow. This alludes to both meanings of the name.

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