Losten Sans No. 1™, Craig Std., Proper Sans, Improper Display, Mobius, Grandpa Gothic
When I was in Elementary school, I remember bringing home math assignments and re-typesetting them on our beige desktop before completing them. Was this so I could use tacky rainbow word-art? Maybe. But the point is, I've been, let's say, 'deeply connected' to typographic expression for longer than I can remember.

These faces all represent expressive forms that I wish to see to see in the world but have yet to find. They range from personal explorations, to proprietary client faces. The common denominator is that they were attempts to communicate a precise emotion and personality. If you're interested in obtaining one of these fonts, hit me up on my information form. ✏️
My Contributions
I manually drew, spaced, and kerned all glyphs.

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