405 Center

Half Design (Creative Director)
+ Ghost (Strategy Director)
The 405 Center is working to make Oklahoma City stronger by training volunteers and placing them in long-term volunteer roles with local non-profits. They approached us for a new identity that fully communicated how representative they are of everyday humans.
My Contributions
Strategy, Creative Direction, Photography, Art Direction

*Identity done by J.D. Reeves at Ghost
From the outset, it was clear to me that the 405 Center had a vulnerability problem. They were doing some of the most important work in the city with and for everyday people, but their brand was just an illustration of the state capitol in red, white, and blue. We worked hard to get the people front-and-center for this brand. We knew right away that this couldn't be a stock photo brand. It needed to be real portraits of real Oklahomans, people who don't see themselves represented often. They needed to be raw, inclusive, and hopeful. We walked around the city, took the bus, met people where they were at, and had conversations with them. We got to know them, then we made portraits that authentically represented them. I truly believe that the difference that brings to the project is felt, not just seen.

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