Grateful Farms

Work Done at Ghost
Grateful Farms is an organic, fully-sustainable cultivator in Oklahoma City that works to bring medical-grade cannabis to conscious consumers. They came to us with a name inspired by The Grateful Dead, which was a shared interest of theirs. In the strategy, it became clear that—though their name was not going to change—they really needed to pay homage to The Grateful Dead in subtle ways, allowing for the brand to more primarily communicate "medical grade, sustainable, and organic."

My Contributions
Strategy, Motion, Visual Design (Patterns)

*Identity done by J.D. Reeves at Ghost

Apr 2014 - Mar 2015
In the brand strategy process, I wrote an ethos statement that became the driving force of the process. “Grateful Farms is deeply committed to providing a safe, sustainable and organic cannabis experience to the conscious consumer.”

J.D. created a custom mark — a modernist exploration of cannabis — that was later expanded as a pattern. For the wordmark, we landed on Bianco Serif, but I felt like the f in Bianco just wasn't quite communicating the organic / craft personality that we needed to inject. I ultimately suggested modifying the f to have a quirky ascension into the top arm, referencing old market sign-painting. This modicfication brought the word mark into more harmony with the tense curves in the mark itself, creating more comfortable lockups.
Quick 📝 on Motion
Apr 2014 - Mar 2015
Ultimately the Motion treatment revealed itself to be the most prudent place to interject a bit of love for The Grateful Dead. I created custom low-contrast, brand color fractals that could be used as backgrounds for messaging / communication and logos in video intros. The stills from these motion treatments were used as patterns for some of the branded print items.

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