Craig Proper

Half Design (Creative Director)
Started by Taylor Dickerson in 2017, Craig Proper serves two goals: honor what it means to be “proper” on a human level and deliver excellent, functional objects for the home. We helped them define their visual, written, and spoken identity with bespoke details at every turn, including a set of custom typefaces (Craig Serif & Proper Sans) that reflect the design, functionality and idiosyncrasies of the Craig Proper catalog.
My Contributions
Strategy, Creative Direction, Identity
Apr 2014 - Mar 2015
For a brand selling objects made entirely from scratch, by hand, one-by-one, we could not be satisfied simply selecting readymade typefaces. We set out to honor the formal qualities and design sensibilities of the Craig Proper Catalog in every application, and custom typography was the way to do just that. The CP Monogram is a ligature derived from Craig Serif typeface, that also forms a tree: bringing the brand's purpose squarely into the mark.

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